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Date Created:Mar. 22, 2005
Date Updated:Sept . 3, 2018
Universal Computer System
Chikara Ono, President

In the spirit of putting the customer first, our company adopts a corporate philosophy of "Being trusted, responding to the trust, and gaining further trust." All our employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information obtained in the course of our business activities. We will continue to practice trustworthy business activities into the future.
Following, we declare our personal information protection policy, under which personal information is managed rigorously, safely and in a robust manner, based on the "Personal Information Protection Law." We have established and implemented internal regulations for the protection of personal information, which we will maintain and continue to improve.

  • 1.We have established and comply with internal regulations pertaining to the collection of personal information appropriate to the scale and content of business, its provision and use, including its deposition and management.
    With respect to collection of personal information, we establish a clear purpose for its collection, and collect information to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose. With respect to the provision and use of personal information, its use and provision shall only be carried out within the scope of the purpose of its collection, and only with the consent of its subject.
  • 2.We will take appropriate safety and prevention measures to guard against leakage, unauthorized access, loss, destruction or alteration of personal information.
  • 3.We will comply with the laws and norms regarding personal information such as those set down by JIS standards, government agencies, local governments and industry organizations.
  • 4.We will undertake ongoing improvements to our internal regulations regarding personal information in response to social changes and advances in information technology.

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact:
Administrative Headquarters,
Universal Computer System
Phone: +81-(0)3-5550-0811

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