Universal Note

What is UniversalNote?
UniversalNote is a data/content utilization tool that helps to speed up and balance the task load, by gathering and sharing knowledge and know-how scattered within a company. UniversalNote is offered in Japanese and English.


UniversalNote solves inter-company issues and assignments.

Features of UniversalNote

Data/content creation using rich text format
Feature 1: Real time sharing of the latest data from job sites
Using Rich Text format, data/content can be entered with formatting. Data/content creation including font and size selection, hyper-linking to other content, and image insertion is fully supported throughout the procedure. Mouse-based procedure is easy, even for those without knowledge of HTML.

Current status of data/content entry via email notification
Feature 2: Easy searching and organizing of information
Three searching methods - keywords (fuzzy), index, and category - are available to search for the target data/content in no time. Index search can be performed from the entire category, or setup My Index Category for each user to perform customized searching within selective categories.

Various data/content searching functions
Feature 3: Consolidated control of information by the category creator/owner
The user can temporarily save and store while in the process of creating data/content, and upon completion perform Authorization Request to the authorized owner of the data/content. Authorization Request is sent automatically to the category owner in email format, which is accessible simply by clicking on the URL embedded in the email text. After the data/content is reviewed, the content owner will send a result (Authorized or Denied) back to the original data/content creator via email.

Visualized track record comparison
Feature 4: Supporting quality control of data/content
Any changes made by the original creator can be notified to the owner using a color-coded track-record comparison, which displays changes in different colors on the screen. This visually intuitive method will let the viewer grasp what and where the changes are instantaneously, which helps to not only speed up the authorization process but also to maintain the quality of data/content.

UniversalNote In Depth

Utilization of information via common content database

Utilization of information via common content database

Administrator functions

Administrator functions

System Architecture

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